Ultimate Spider-Man “Deadpool” Review

This episode was exceptional enough it warranted a review.  Season two of Ultimate Spider-Man has been a significant improvement over the first, but this one hit it out of the park. Just for the record, behind Spider-Man and his cast, Deadpool is my favourite comic book character.  And keeping in mind this is a kids cartoon, they absolutely nailed his character in this episode.

USM-216-26He breaks the fourth wall just as frequently as this Spidey does, which is essential considering the nature of this show.  We only see him in a few fight scenes, and those are all bombastic and fun especially when Spidey is trying to stop him from “un-aliving” people.  Speaking of, they nailed the core of what Spider-man versus Deadpool is all about, the morals behind what they do.  Granted, it would’ve been nice to see them actually fight in the final moments but as any Deadpool fan should know, he always does exactly what you don’t expect or necessarily want him to.

Lastly, I know people love Nolan North as Deadpool, I recently just finished the video game and he’s terrific.  But Will Friedle absolutely kills it as Deadpool.  He delivers the humour and insanity in spades with his depiction, and really brings a depth to the character.  North might be the voice everyone recognizes Deadpool as, but Friedle just became a competitor in my books.


However, your opinion of Ultimate Spider-Man and this episode really boils down to your opinion of the direction Marvel is taking with it.  Yes, ultimate Spider-Man is not as good as Spectacular Spider-Man, or Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Yes it’s juvenile and kind of tame.  But Spidey is as popular as ever with kids, and they are learning more and more about the Marvel universe and that increases the likelihood that they’ll get into comics.  If you can digest the fact that it is for kids, maybe you’ll see it’s not a bad kids show and can enjoy the ride the way I am.


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