banner.jpgTeam Spider-Men is all about the web head and his supporting cast.  This includes anyone carrying spider in their name, the symbiotes, or anyone who has played a pivotal role in the story of the wall crawler.

Week after the week the website will follow any issues starring these characters, as well as possibly other stories that feature one of them prominently. Each week will include an upcoming issues story, as well as reviews for each of the issues listed. I also make my it my job to follow news regarding these characters across other media, such as movies, TV, video games, toys, etc.

I make it my promise to you the reader to deliver accurate news regarding Spider-Man as soon as I hear about it.  I’ll also make it my job to look into the pages of every Spider related book I read and deliver insightful reviews and commentary on the story.

That’s this blog’s mission, to be all about Spider-Man all the time.  After all, if I can’t get it off my brain, I might as well share it with all of you.


About the Creator


At the time of publishing, I’m a third year journalism student at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.  The end goal?  If I’m really lucky to work at Marvel in the communications department.

I love writing, it’s always been a strong passion of mine.  I specialize in story telling of all formats and love to look into why someone tells a story a certain way.  The dream is to publish my own novel series one day, or maybe even a comic book series if I could find an artist who would be willing to put up with me.


The idea for this website came to me from my journalism program.  After listening to professors tell me for three years to branch out and establish myself as a journalist I finally decided to listen.  I decided to use my freakish knowledge of behind the scenes comic facts to build a website about comics.  Although I originally contemplated making my website about all of Marvel, I realized Marvel does a pretty good job of that by itself.  Besides, all those comics in one week?  Too much for one man to handle.

Spider-JeffSo I focused my energy on my favorite super hero, Spider-Man.  But even then, Spidey’s solo adventures weren’t enough to build a website out of.  However as I looked into it I realized the web head actually has a fairly large supporting cast into today’s market, some of them telling better stories.  That’s when I settled on Team Spider-Men, a website where I could take the Spider family and present them to you in one package, much like how I hope they’ll one day all be in the same comic.  Batman Inc. did it, didn’t it?



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