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Ultimate Spider-Man “Deadpool” Review

This episode was exceptional enough it warranted a review.  Season two of Ultimate Spider-Man has been a significant improvement over the first, but this one hit it out of the park. Just for the record, behind Spider-Man and his cast, Deadpool is my favourite comic book character.  And keeping in mind this is a kids cartoon, they absolutely nailed his character in this episode.

USM-216-26He breaks the fourth wall just as frequently as this Spidey does, which is essential considering the nature of this show.  We only see him in a few fight scenes, and those are all bombastic and fun especially when Spidey is trying to stop him from “un-aliving” people.  Speaking of, they nailed the core of what Spider-man versus Deadpool is all about, the morals behind what they do.  Granted, it would’ve been nice to see them actually fight in the final moments but as any Deadpool fan should know, he always does exactly what you don’t expect or necessarily want him to.

Lastly, I know people love Nolan North as Deadpool, I recently just finished the video game and he’s terrific.  But Will Friedle absolutely kills it as Deadpool.  He delivers the humour and insanity in spades with his depiction, and really brings a depth to the character.  North might be the voice everyone recognizes Deadpool as, but Friedle just became a competitor in my books.


However, your opinion of Ultimate Spider-Man and this episode really boils down to your opinion of the direction Marvel is taking with it.  Yes, ultimate Spider-Man is not as good as Spectacular Spider-Man, or Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  Yes it’s juvenile and kind of tame.  But Spidey is as popular as ever with kids, and they are learning more and more about the Marvel universe and that increases the likelihood that they’ll get into comics.  If you can digest the fact that it is for kids, maybe you’ll see it’s not a bad kids show and can enjoy the ride the way I am.


Reviews for June 12 2013

Alpha: Big Time #5

apr130668Well Alpha’s mini-series comes to a close, with actually very little closure.  But it works quite well all things considered, as from beginning to end the goal was to make Alpha a character you could like.  And they pull that off in spades.  He’s no longer a complete tool, he’s a lovable screw up.  But what makes this story work even with a general lack of closure, is that the transition is believable.

I’m not sure what to think of the art, it’s the type you either love or hate.  And though I didn’t love it, I could put up with it for the story.  But if it’s your kind of style, then this one delivers it in spades.

Avenging Spider-Man #22

apr130669It’s a shame this caps off Avenging Spider-Man, personally I prefer the title then Superior Team-Up. I understand the need the need to market, but it’s still a shame.  As for the issue itself, it’s nice to see Yost address Spider-Man continuity with Mysterio, and still make it work that he’s collecting old Sinister Six allies.  The allure of that alone is exciting enough to pull me back.  Also watching Otto take on old Spider-Man villains is a treat, like he does with Hobgoblin here.

The art has it’s highlights, I was mainly a fan of the colours in this one.  We’ll have to wait and see how Superior Team-Up picks things up from here.

Venom #36

apr130667Not the worst start to one of Bunn’s arcs.  Though the villain is largely uninspired, Flash’s new teaching dilemma is actually fairly interesting.  But what sells this issue is the art.  We finally get an artist on board who can draw symbiote the way it’s meant to be, edgy as possible.  It’s a treat to the eyes.

Other then that, it’s pretty standard fair.  Bunn always manages to make his arcs end strong, and at least this time the art justifies the purchase of the first part.

Reviews for May 29 2012

Avenging Spider-Man #21

mar130672There really is nothing special about this issue, except for the art and the ending setup.  The issue itself is fun and brisk paced, but there is no character development or really intense action to be found here.  Rather instead we get some gorgeous artwork that showcases the battle on the helicarrier, but the events of which are kind of underwhelming.  This is all a shame considering it’s Chris Yost writing this, but really your attachement to this issue will depend on how fond you are of the Chameleon or the Shield Agents.  That being said, Yost’s callback to his work on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was definitely a treat (tic tic boom).

Besides that, the ending itself is probably the most interesting part of the issue.  I’m really wondering what Otto is up to with his old Sinister six gang.  Hopefully the payoff there will be worth it.


Morbius the Living Vampire #5

mar130661It’s kind of shame that the ending felt rushed here.  The build up to this issue was great, but I feel as if this arc could’ve gone for at least another two issues. It was Morbius’ slow pace that made it so enticing, and the ending to this arc betrayed that.  They could’ve at least dedicated this entire issue to the climax, and not have the second half of this issue revolve around set-up for future arcs.  Though granted that ending twist was pretty cool.

The art remained solid until the end, it’s just a shame we didn’t have more of an action scene to pad out the ending.  All complaints aside, at the very least Morbius has transformed into an interesting protagonist, whose continued adventures are worth reading.


Venom #35

feb130565It’s funny that it took this long for Bunn’s and Remeder’s run to feel coherent to one another.  And all it took was one simple line of dialogue.  Just the simple acknowledgement that Venom has sworn to stop killing after the events of Remeder’s run is enough to add a sense of synchrony to this entire volume of Venom.  It may be cheap, but it works and I’m glad it finally happened.  As for the story itself, Bunn is proving conclusions are what he’s best at, as the end to this arc is fun.  And it’s freaking cool to watch Venom and Toxin fight side by side.  The arc reached it’s logical conclusion here, though the mystery of the symbiote slayers is unresolved, and hopefully we’ll find out more about that later.

I was never a big fan of the art in this arc, but this last issue actually does a pretty good job of conveying the action.  Though I’m enjoying Venom considerably more now, I know in the back of mind the start of the next arc will probably be weak again.

Reviews for May 22 2013

Superior Spider-Man #10

mar130617What a tangled web Slott weaves.  By all means, Otto is becoming quite likeable.  He’s a good hero, he’s being good to Aunt May, and hey he’s even got a girlfriend now.  But the slightest mention of Peter, and I hate him all over again.  When he brings up how much a better hero he is then Parker, it’s extremely frustrating because it reminds me how mad I am at him.

On the art end, things are fun.  Stegman draws a very creepy and obscure Green Goblin, and Spidey looks great swinging across the city.  So now we have the murmurs of the first big plot in Superior Spider-Man, and even though he’s growing on me, I’m kind of hoping the Green Goblin teaches Otto a lesson in humility.


Scarlet Spider #17

mar130667Kaine isn’t very good at making friends.  But watching him take on the entire Jean Grey School is a blast, not to mention watching him beat the crap out of Wolverine.  There’s no doubt Kaine is the villain here, but he’s still so likeable.  Plus, it’s a lot of fun watching Aracely come into the action, complete with her own costume.  She’s still very naive and I don’t think it will last, but I dig her costume and the name Hummingbird.

Medina took over art duties this issue, and I’ve always been a fan of his work.  However I wasn’t a big fan of how burly Kaine looked in this issue.  I preferred his more lean look that Stegman established.  At least Aracely looked great and Wolverine always looks best with Medina behind the wheel.  At any rate, this was a fun issue and I’m excited to see where it goes.

Reviews for May 1 2013

Superior Spider-Man #9

mar130615Okay, well this is what issue 700 should have been like.  It’s odd to me that the more dramatic takeover of Ock over Peter had waited until now, but it was damn good.  Peter and Otto go toe to toe, Amazing versus Superior in a gut wrenching issue where they go blow for blow and point for point as they both battle for the moral high ground.  We all know how it’s going to end, but to see it unfold is tough and painful, and I loved every minute of it. 

Stegman comes back and draws an absolutely gorgeous issue.  The dramatic showdown is given just as much weight as it deserves thanks to some great work by Stegman and the colours.  Now it’ll be really interesting to see how Peter returns to the mantle, but for the time being we might as well just enjoy the ride.

Reviews for April 24 2013

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #23

feb130576This was a big issue.  No, none of my symbiote questions got answered.  That’s okay however because we got an emotional issue with a twist I sure as heck didn’t see coming.   Now we have just reasons for the Spider-Man No More arc in the Ultimate universe.  And I’m excited to see where this goes.

This is Sara Pichelli’s last issue, and I’ll miss her art.  She goes out on a high here, and it’ll be a tough act for David Marquez to follow.  At the very least, the comic’s in good hands.  If I haven’t made it clear, don’t miss this issue.  You’ll regret it.


Scarlet Spider #16

feb130560You can see my review of Lone Star to find out why I loved this issue.  It was a fun one-off where we got to see some gratification for past stories building up.  A part of it feels slightly forced at the beginning, even though we all knew where it was going from the first issue we met the love interest, but it was well justified by the end. Plus it was hilarious.

Personally I feel Scarlet Spider is done best in bright colors like this issue is, the dark tones of past issues dragged on me.  I have a hard time not picking something to enjoy about this issue, it shows the sheer fun we can have just watching Kaine learning a life lesson.

Scarlet Spider Vol. 2 Lone Star Review

“I’m going to kill Peter Parker.”

Scarlet_Spider_Vol_2_7_TextlessThis is why I love Scarlet Spider.  It has great action scenes, an awesome concept for an anti-hero, and a very cool over arching story.  Most importantly, it’s every bit as funny as a Peter Parker story should be.

Lone Star is a great addition to any comic collection, as the first half deals with the Mammon arc and the second with the Lobo arc.  We get a hair raising and fun adventure, and then a more contemplative look at the monster inside Kaine with a much more horror-esque story.

The stories themselves are so much fun.  There are few comics I read as quickly as Scarlet Spider, and even fewer that I want to put down.  Kaine’s adventures are always a blast and the characters who make them up are irreplaceable.  Scarlet Spider easily has my favorite supporting cast out of any comic book I am reading right now.

Scarlet_Spider_Vol_2_9_TextlessThe art in this volume is a little bit weaker than in the first one, but that’s really a matter of personal taste.  He may have been the one to introduce him, but Stegman is my favourite interpretation of the character and I think the style that best suits these stories.  The first arc contains a very similar style to Stegman’s and I think it benefits for it, but the second arc and the point one issue in the middle have their own distinct art styles and it causes a small disconnect.  However when the story telling is this good, this is a very small complaint.

Kaine has only been around for a year and a half now but his addition to the Spider family is easily the strongest.  Superior Spider-Man and Venom are both good, but neither can capture that sense of fun that Scarlet Spider has, and neither of them feel as much like a Spider-Man book as this one does.

If you’re not reading Scarlet Spider, you’re not reading about the best Spider-Man.