New Spidey Comics for June 19 2013

Morbius the Living Vampire #6

APR130656Having recently found out this series is set to end after issue 9, I’m a little sad to see it’s going to end.  As long as the writer can tie up the loose ends that need tidying, then we’ll have a short but sweet ride.


Superior Spider-Man #12

apr130604This will sound callous, but I would really like to see Otto have his butt kicked in this one.  He’s in desperate need of it.



Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #24

apr130675We meet Ultimate Power Pack… we’ll have to see if they are any more memorable than they’re mainstream counterparts.  That won’t be hard.


Reviews for June 12 2013

Alpha: Big Time #5

apr130668Well Alpha’s mini-series comes to a close, with actually very little closure.  But it works quite well all things considered, as from beginning to end the goal was to make Alpha a character you could like.  And they pull that off in spades.  He’s no longer a complete tool, he’s a lovable screw up.  But what makes this story work even with a general lack of closure, is that the transition is believable.

I’m not sure what to think of the art, it’s the type you either love or hate.  And though I didn’t love it, I could put up with it for the story.  But if it’s your kind of style, then this one delivers it in spades.

Avenging Spider-Man #22

apr130669It’s a shame this caps off Avenging Spider-Man, personally I prefer the title then Superior Team-Up. I understand the need the need to market, but it’s still a shame.  As for the issue itself, it’s nice to see Yost address Spider-Man continuity with Mysterio, and still make it work that he’s collecting old Sinister Six allies.  The allure of that alone is exciting enough to pull me back.  Also watching Otto take on old Spider-Man villains is a treat, like he does with Hobgoblin here.

The art has it’s highlights, I was mainly a fan of the colours in this one.  We’ll have to wait and see how Superior Team-Up picks things up from here.

Venom #36

apr130667Not the worst start to one of Bunn’s arcs.  Though the villain is largely uninspired, Flash’s new teaching dilemma is actually fairly interesting.  But what sells this issue is the art.  We finally get an artist on board who can draw symbiote the way it’s meant to be, edgy as possible.  It’s a treat to the eyes.

Other then that, it’s pretty standard fair.  Bunn always manages to make his arcs end strong, and at least this time the art justifies the purchase of the first part.

Mighty Avengers ft. Spidey

As if he wasn’t on enough teams.  Or as if there weren’t enough Avengers teams. Spidey is joining the ranks of the Mighty Avengers, a new team (with an old name) that rises up during this August’s Infinity event.

















It’s about street level heroes taking on big bad Thanos while the Avengers are off earth.  It’s a cool sounding premise, and one I can get behind.  However it’ll be interesting to see if Spider-Man is still Otto in the long term for this book.  We’ve seen the transition in the main Avenger’s book as Spidey is much ruder than usual, but one will have to wait and see if the same change is applied here.  I’d imagine so, but different creators have different mindsets.  The book debuts this September, written by Al Ewing and illustrated by Greg Land.

For the full story, click here.

New Spidey Comics for June 12 2013

Alpha Big Time #5

apr130668The surprisingly good Alpha run comes to an end.  I’m actually going to be sad to see this go.



Avenging Spider-Man #22

apr130669A team-up with Punisher could actually be very interesting.  We’ll have to see what he thinks of Spidey’s new methods.



Venom #36

apr130667A start to a new Venom arc, and if Bunn’s latest trend continues this will probably be really boring.  But that’s some cool cover art.

New Spidey Comics for June 5 2013

Superior Spider-Man #11

apr130603The Spider-Slayer is going for execution and Spidey is set to oversee it.  I’m not sure where this will be going, but I’m excited to find out.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rehash

The magic of twitter has made it easier to connect with movies being made like never before. However it makes harder them ever for bloggers to cover it. Recently a Youtube channel called Movie Buzz, a wonderful movie news channel, posted a video summarizing all the things we know and some of the things rumoured for the Amazing Spider-Man 2. This includes the spy photos of Paul Giamatti as the Rhino, so for that alone its worth checking out. He has a bit of a snarky attitude, but its all in good fun. To watch the video, click here.

Reviews for May 29 2012

Avenging Spider-Man #21

mar130672There really is nothing special about this issue, except for the art and the ending setup.  The issue itself is fun and brisk paced, but there is no character development or really intense action to be found here.  Rather instead we get some gorgeous artwork that showcases the battle on the helicarrier, but the events of which are kind of underwhelming.  This is all a shame considering it’s Chris Yost writing this, but really your attachement to this issue will depend on how fond you are of the Chameleon or the Shield Agents.  That being said, Yost’s callback to his work on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was definitely a treat (tic tic boom).

Besides that, the ending itself is probably the most interesting part of the issue.  I’m really wondering what Otto is up to with his old Sinister six gang.  Hopefully the payoff there will be worth it.


Morbius the Living Vampire #5

mar130661It’s kind of shame that the ending felt rushed here.  The build up to this issue was great, but I feel as if this arc could’ve gone for at least another two issues. It was Morbius’ slow pace that made it so enticing, and the ending to this arc betrayed that.  They could’ve at least dedicated this entire issue to the climax, and not have the second half of this issue revolve around set-up for future arcs.  Though granted that ending twist was pretty cool.

The art remained solid until the end, it’s just a shame we didn’t have more of an action scene to pad out the ending.  All complaints aside, at the very least Morbius has transformed into an interesting protagonist, whose continued adventures are worth reading.


Venom #35

feb130565It’s funny that it took this long for Bunn’s and Remeder’s run to feel coherent to one another.  And all it took was one simple line of dialogue.  Just the simple acknowledgement that Venom has sworn to stop killing after the events of Remeder’s run is enough to add a sense of synchrony to this entire volume of Venom.  It may be cheap, but it works and I’m glad it finally happened.  As for the story itself, Bunn is proving conclusions are what he’s best at, as the end to this arc is fun.  And it’s freaking cool to watch Venom and Toxin fight side by side.  The arc reached it’s logical conclusion here, though the mystery of the symbiote slayers is unresolved, and hopefully we’ll find out more about that later.

I was never a big fan of the art in this arc, but this last issue actually does a pretty good job of conveying the action.  Though I’m enjoying Venom considerably more now, I know in the back of mind the start of the next arc will probably be weak again.