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Hunger Announced – Kind of ft. Ultimate Spider-Man

Kind of Spider-Man news…kind of.  The following was announced during a Marvel Live Blog earlier today.

For those who haven’t read Age of Ultron be warned there are spoilers ahead.


At the conclusion of Age of Ultron Wolverine breaks everything.  The time line’s are broken and in the conclusion we see Miles staring at awe at Galactus.  Mainstream Galactus.

Yeah, it was kind of crazy.

In a live even blog posted today, they announced Hunger, a mini-series set in the Ultimate universe where the Ultimate universe has to take on Galactus. Seeing as how the Ultimate universe is in a constant state of being messed up, this will be interesting to see.  It’s going to star Rick Jones, who was intoduced in a highly enjoyable arc back in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, shortly after the Ultimatum wave.


So how is this related to Spider-Man?  Well in the blog Bendis said: “There is a lot coming over the next six to eight months in terms of Miles Morales and the concept of a Marvel multiverse, characters realizing that door is there. Miles becomes a very important lynchpin.”

In a comment that didn’t seem to have much to do with the event Bendis also said: “The death of Ultimate Spider-Man created a quiet arms race that has really been going in some sense since Captain America. Some people like the Roxxon Corporation have no morals. They’re creating monsters and heroes.”

It seems Hunger might be an important event to read for Ultimate Spidey fans.  I read all the ultimate books anyway, so I’m looking forward to picking this up.